Sunday, September 30, 2012

Minnie Mouse Halloween tutorial

To kick off the fun month of October I wanted to share with you guys what I will be for Halloween and my tutorial for my outfit to. I will be Minnie Mouse for Halloween this year and I am so excited!! So let's get started . . .


Step 1) Start off with applying your everyday face makeup.
           TIP: Minnie Mouse does have some light skin, so if you want to get more into character than I would suggests purchasing a lighter foundation or pressed powder if you have darker skin.

Step 2) For the eye makeup your first want to prime your eyes, with your eye primer. Then find a Sheer and shimmery white eye color and apply on lid only. Finally taking a smokey light brown color blend out with the lid color in your crease.
          TIP: When you are blending the two colors together make sure to blend inward to prevent any fall out.

Step 3) And to finish off the makeup look we will be taking a bright red lip color to make your lips pop and of course to match the outfit and to show off Minnies main color red! So just apply that on your lips and then it is totally your choice to add gloss or not. I will, because I for one really like gloss, but I know that some people aren't a big fan of it so it is up for you to decide.

Wait! I almost forgot about the nose! For the cute little mouse nose just take a black eyeliner and color in the very tip of your nose and then you are officially done. Hope you enjoyed and don't forget to share Beauty Baby with your friends and family! Stay tuned in everyday for awesome posts!! :) love you!
- Beauty Baby Team

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

GET THE LOOK: Taylor Swift 

I am going to help you get Taylor's look for a lot less, and from local stores near you. Today we are looking at Taylor Swift, a young country singer who has the sweet and girly side with a bit of country. If you have any other celebs who you want to see next week in Get The Look, make sure to comment below. And don't forget to tune in everyday for some awesome posts, be sure to tell your friends and family too.

                         Tori Sweater $39.99 from Abercrombie and Fitch

       $12.50 from Forever21

                                            $16.80 from Forever21