Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Style Snapper: Justina, A Bent Piece of Wire

Hello wonderful emeralds,
how has your week been going so far?

Mine has consisted of boredom with a hint of friends.

Okay so I have started a new segment on my blog I call it . . .

Style Snapper

Style Snapper will be a monthly thing, normally at the beginning of each month I will be featuring a Fashion Blogger that I find dashing and wonderful!

For the month of June I chose my all time favorite Fashion Blogger, Justina.

Justina is the wonderful, sweet owner of, A Bent Piece of Wire.

A Bent Piece of Wire is a fashion blog full of beautiful clothing, wonderful writing, and a Justina.

I was lucky enough to have an interview with Justina, in which I was freaking out that she said yes about!

Photo: New post up feat Krisp Clothing, BC Footwear, and zeroUV Sunglasses!

Style Snapper: Justina, A Bent Piece of Wire


1.) Why did you start blogging?
It's a long story, involving a chance glance at a magazine, an accepted challenge, and a really strong wifi signal. 
2.) Who is your favorite designer?
Betsey Johnson and Valentino Garavani. I realize those are the two furthest apart points on the fashion spectrum, but it's the truth. Betsey creates these amazing, colorful, fun pieces, completely infused with her personality. Valentino is He's an incredible little man. 

3.) What is some advise for a first time fashion blogger?
Be yourself. It's cliche, but still gold. I think too many people come into this with a preconceived idea of who and what they need to be, when really, it's all about being who you already are.
4.) What was one of your worst fashion nightmares? 
I once had this dream that my hair was straightened and I was wearing leggings and tan uggs. I'm still traumatized.
5.) What are you most excited for this summer in terms of fashion?
Color! Minimal monochromaticism has had it's moment. Summer is a time to have fun and be free, and I feel like the new designs and trends coming out are finally beginning to reflect that!

If you were smart, you would check out A Bent Piece of Wire

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Loved working with you girl,
until next time!



Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Early Birthday to Me!

This weekend me and my younger sister Sophia, 
celebrated both of our birthdays
in a one big family party
like we do every year.

I had a lot of fun.
Family to me is so special, especially when you get 
presents, cake, and hamburgers!

Overall, I would rate this party an overall success.

BTW my actual birthday is on May 25th and my sisters was on April 8th. 

Happy early birthday to me!


My cousin Hannah climbing our swing set like a BOSS!!

Hello there cousin Josh.

Thanks dad, for this amazing portrait . . .
 Both me and my sister got new suit cases for our big trip in 3 weeks!!

Peyton, my cousin stuffing her face with cupcakes . . .
My uncle knows how to look snazzy!
Peyton . . . again . . . . 
Sugar and her new hair cut.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Twilight Woods

Twilight Woods

Skater dress
$37 -

Tapered jeans

Tenny shoes

Zadig & Voltaire Shirt Tribal Man
$255 -

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