Monday, February 25, 2013

~The Oscars 2013 Fashion~

     Watching the Oscars last night made me realize these things:
  • I wish I saw Les Miserables.
  • Ann Hathaway is the best actress in the universe.
  • Nora Jones voice is truly magnificent.
  • Halle Berry's dress was beautiful.
  • Jennifer Lawrence is more awesome than I thought.
  • Steven Spielberg is a pretty cool guy
  • I was probably more focused on the Oscars than my homework.
  • Adele's favorite color is probably black.
  • I love the Oscars and always will
My favorite gowns of the night:

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Spa Day for One

Took some pictures of me and my "gorgeous" hair, the bubble bath that I made, and the products that I used too. I really needed a relaxing day, so I made do with what I could. *Cough, cough* I am sick.

1.) Made a bubble bath.
2.) Filled my bath using Frosted Snowberry shower gel.
3.) Used my favorite peel off face mask.
4.) Played relaxing music, which I found off of YouTube.
5.) Put my hair up in a not to shabby messy bun.

Love you,

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Hot Mess . . .

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 So as you can probably see I have done some rearranging with the old Beauty Baby to the new Elephants and Emeralds. I have been obsessed with this random idea in my head that says "I want to be a Fashion Blogger". And I must admit, I really do. When I started Beauty Baby, I never knew that I would be blogging for this long. Nor that I would actually stick to the Idea of being a " Fashion Blogger". Now, I might not have the best writing skills, or none of my readers know who I am (yet). But all I know is that I want to do what I am doing, for as long as I possibly can. And that hopefully I can learn new things, appreciate more, and of course share my all time love for fashion. So it is my great pleasure to welcome you to "Elephants and Emeralds". I call it that because it involves two things that are in my life. Elephants- my favorite animal since who knows when. Emeralds- 1.) birthstone (May) 2.) favorite color (green). Okay, one last thing before I go, I am sorry that the blog looks really bad.I have stayed up all night just trying to make the new banner for it. I am hoping that I will have lots of free time tomorrow, so that I can edit it and make it as good as the old one. Thanks everyone for goiogn along with this. And I truly promise with all my heart that I will make this a great fashion blog. If you ahev any more questions about what is exactly goign on please comment below and I will answer! Love you, goodnight.