Monday, June 25, 2012

Forth Of July Outfit Ideas!

1) Country Comfy:
           If your planning on going to farm or somewhere that has opened land to shoot of some big fireworks with family and friends. Then go for some cute light washed denim shorts and a cute forth of July tee, or an american flag sweatshirt! Oh! And don't forget the cowgirl boots!

2) Fun And Patriotic
           Going to a concert or firework show? Then don't be afraid to stand out a bit and have some fun with your outfit for the night! Wear a cute red white and blue striped dress and pair it with some gladiator sandals, and for the jewelry I would consider blue or silver. 


Well, we know that its not a lot this week. We are just busy trying to come up with different ideas for all of your girls! Thx :) And Happy Forth of July!

-Beauty Baby Team 

Friday, June 15, 2012

For Fathers Day i wanted to give you guys a last minute gift idea:

The Father Daughter Collage:

What you'll need: 

  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Pictures of your father and you.
  • A copier
  • Large piece of cardboard

  1. First, make copies of all the pictures you found of you and your dad. make sure you let all the copies dry before touching.
  2. Next, gently cut out all of the photos with your scissors and then arrange them on your piece of cardboard the way you would like.
  3. Now, Start taping them down on the cardboard in the same arrangement you had them in before. And be careful not to distress any of the corners of the photos.
  4. Finally, you are finished! You could even make it your very own by adding some fun decorations on to it too! Good luck and HAPPY FATHERS DAY! :)
-Beauty Baby Team

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trendy Nails
Hey Girls! Okay So I myself am a huge fan of nails! I love painting on new designs any chance that I get! In this blog I am going to share one nail design that I just fell in love with and is perfect for summer. And I will also share a quick review on the nail polish brand girls have been raving about! Please enjoy! :)

Summer Nail Design Tutorial:

  1. First, Choose your own base coat and apply that on all of your nails. And let dry for three mins.
  2. Next, apply a white polish to all of your nails. And let dry for five mins.
  3. After, carefully create red flowers on your both of your ring fingers, using a red polish. And let dry for five mins.
  4. Finally, repeat step one and your done, let dry for three mins. Enjoy this adorable design. :)

Well, I hoped you liked the nail tutorial. Now lets move on to the review! I really encourage you to check out all the products that I review, They are great and I really love them. :)

Review: Essie Nail Polish

I have been wearing Essie for quiet a while now, and I love all there colors that they have to offer. They release new colors almost every season, which is probably why customers love them so much. They are always up to date on the newest colors that are trending, but add there own fun twist to it to make it there own. And are great at the quality of color they put into each polish. What I most like about Essie is how the color last so long! Not even with with out a top coat! I love Essie and hope you do to! You can check out Essie Nail products in the link below, I hope you guys enjoyed this blog for today! :) Bye Bye!!
- Beauty Baby Team 

Link to Essie: