Tuesday, August 28, 2012


A Beauty Subscription Made Easy 

What up my Beauty Babes! Okay quick little update I did recently started school again so that means a hard time posting :(. Any who, Today I'm going to tell you about something that is just awesome! So if you watch the YouTube Beauty Guru's then you might of heard of Glossy Box, Glam Bag, and Juliep. Well I just discovered a new Subscription based monthly beauty package as well its called Vox Box by Influenster. You can earn these things called badges to be qualified each month for your months Vox Box. In your vox box each month what will be in there depends on the badges that you have earned. For example: If you have a beauty badge and a twitter badge then if you qualify you will probably get a your Vox Box filled with mostly beauty related items. So yeah, hopefully you get it. It is actually super fun, and kinda addicting. I really encourage you guys to check it out the link will be down below. Bye guys! :) see ya next time!!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fresh face for school!

Step 1. Before going to bed the night before your first day, make sure to moisturize and cleanse! So that in the morning your face wont look super dry or dirty.

Step 2. If you wake up with puffy eyes don't forget to do one of our simple puffy eye tricks. place cold spoons over your eyes for 5 min or place tea bags over your eyes for a couple mins.

Step 3. you never wan to forget to wash your face in the morning! And since you might be really groggy waking up so early for school we recommend using a energizing face wash. it will wake you up feeling refreshed and hydrated in no time!

Step 4. Now you can do your makeup so simply and flawless with your fresh new face!

I hoped you liked today post, I know that I have been a bit slow lately but hopefully when school starts I can get inspired once again!Oh and make sure to look check back soon for a back to school collective haul from me and a school supplies haul too! Bye Beauty Babes!

- Beauty Baby Team

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back to School Backpacks

School is just around the corner and every year I have the hardest time picking out a decent backpack. But lately I have discovered bags that can be transformed into a cute and trendy backpack, here are some pics. Enjoy!! Also don't forget to share Beauty Baby with your friends and family! :) Happy school year!!
P.S. all links to these will be down below.  :)

canvas backpacks for women-canvas backpack
Blue Denim. Yes so Simple and cute!!!! I don't know why, but this bag reminds me of One Direction. ME WANT!!
So floral!
canvas backpacks for women-ecote patterned canvas backpackcanvas backpacks for women-ecote patterned canvas backpack
canvas backpacks for women-herschel settlement canvas
Plain, but adorable. Would be perfect for winter!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Hey everyone! Okay so like we promised in our last blog, that we were going to do a new nail tutorial for you all. So that is what we have for you guys today! We must give some credit to a cute and fun youtube beauty guru: missjenFABULOUS. For inspiring us to write a blog on her crazy and fun nail art! The link will be down below to her awesome video that she uploaded, so go check that out if you have a chance!! And Let's go ahead and get into the tutorial!


This funky yet girly nail art is super easy and fun to create, The nail art you're about to see is inspired by the most trendiest and hottest thing out there in women's fashion: Acid wash jeans! We here at Beauty Baby are just obsessed with these cute and trendy jeans! 

no preview
Things you need:

-Two nail polish colors of your choice. <Our top picks are blue/white>
-Paper towels
-Cotton swabs <as many as you want, we needed a ton! just sayin'>
-Nail polish remover
-A plastic cup <to put the nail polish remover in>
-Clear top coat.


1) First, paint two coats of your first color on your nails.And let that dry for at least 30 min <this will be the color you will see behind your other color>.
2)Next, paint your other color on top of the dried color that you just painted. And have that dry for another 30 min.<be careful not to smudge>
3)After that has all dried now carefully dip a cotton swab in nail polish remover and gently glide the cotton swab over a nail. Trying to only take off some of the top polish off, not the bottom polish.Repeat this step for each nail using a new cotton swab each time.
4)Finally, Paint a layer of clear top coat to seal in your design. And to make it glossy and shiny! And then your done! :)

So yeah, that was the whole tutorial for you all! Anyway a little heads up there will not be any blogs up for about a week due to some of us going out of town! But we will make sure to get inspired while we are out, also this would be an awesome chance for you to request some new ideas for us to blog about!! Thanks so much guys! And remember to share Beauty Baby with your friends and family! 

-Beauty Baby Team


Friday, August 3, 2012

Puffy No More!

Don't you hate it once you wake up with really puffy eyes!? I know I do!! Well I have been doing some research and found out their are 2 easy and simple ways to reduce the whole puffy eye look. So if it's because picture day is on the way or because you just down right hate how it looks, we have got you covered.

no preview


You can reduce the puffy eye look by using tea bags over your eyes.
What the tea bags are doing is that they are producing vitamins and antioxidants that are flowing and sinking into your skin making it look more hydrated which will then make your skin look more natural and healthier.

What to do:

1) Find two tea bags and let them soak in very warm water for about 3 mins (kinda like your making tea.).
2) Next, carefully place the two tea bags over your eyes. Set a timer for 10 mins.
3) After, you can either flip the tea bags to the other side and repeat one more time, or throw the tea bags away.

Tip: Make sure to moisturize after treating. 


Another way to reduce the look of puffy eyes is by cold spoons. What this does is that it attracts good blood cells to your under eye area so that all the bad blood cells can attract away. Sounds weird huh? Well try it out and I think you will enjoy the results.

What to do: 

1) Get two metal spoons and place them in the freezer for about 5 mins.
2)Next, set a timer for 5 more mins and place one spoon under each eye.
3) After, that is up you can either freeze them again for tomorrow or wash them.

Tip: Try massaging out ward under your eyes (kinda like your pushing all the bad blood cells out of that area.).

So yeah there are some easy and fun treatments for puffy eyes. And we have a new and trendy nail tutorial coming up so make sure to check back soon! Remember to share Beauty Baby with your friends and family!! :)

-Beauty Baby Team

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Hey fellow beauty babes! so lately I have been addicted to this new app called posh mark. Poshmark is a social networking app that lets you either sell or buy items from or to other users. The app is free, and is well worth installing! At first I was a bit curious, a bunch of things were running through my head, like is this a scam, is it worth it, and so on. I decided to give it a try. I ended up loving it! It's not like any other shopping app. You don't have't to worry about the buyers credit card number, or the shipping. See if you want to get into a bit more detail i recommend researching it or clicking the link below, or if you seem interested install it! But, I must warn you this app happens to be in apple app stores only for now. Love ya loves! :) 

P.S. Sorry for not as many post! More are on the way!!

no preview
-Beauty Baby Team

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